The Inner Game of Design

The Inner Game of Design
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The Inner Game of Design – A series of events for Hamburg’s creatives.

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In 2016 we started a new series of events together with TwoPoints.Net: The Inner Game of Design.

The Term “The Inner Game” was shaped by Timothy Gallwey during the 1970 years. It describes the inner and psychological fight, which has a huge effect on the physiological performance. While Gallway meant the mental performance and its effect on the athletic performance, we try to explore the cultural and social effects of design.

We want to show unvisible aspects of design work and want to encourage a vivid design-culture in Hamburg. Through lectures, talks, exhibitions, workshops, performances, happenings and products we want to quicken the multidisciplinary exchange between Hamburg’s creatives.

Eating and drinking at a big table will be an important element of all events.

We started with “The Inner Game of Tortilla” in October. The next event will follow in February.






Since August 2012 we are running the Island – location, platform and experimental space for us and others.

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In the summer of 2012 we went on the search for our first permanent space. And we found what we were looking for in the city behind the Deichtorhallen on the edge of Oberhafen. We named it Island. Since then we have been organising exhibitions or fetes, inviting friends and working here. You will find all current dates on our Facebook site. And if you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday: We also rent the Island for private parties.






Thank you for the photos, Sarah BernhardMarcel Häusler, Girlsonshoulders!


The Joy of Graphic Design

The Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic DesignThe Joy of Graphic Design
self-initiated with I LIKE BIRDS, Parat

From 28th to 30th September we staged, together with I LIKE BIRDS, Hamburg’s first graphic design festival in Oberhafen: The Joy of Graphic Design. Three days of workshops, a symposium, the exhibition and the independent publishing fair ABOUT, dedicated to graphic design.

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The idea was born at a dinner with Susanne and André from the design studio I LIKE BIRDS: we wanted to give Hamburg’s graphic design scene more space. A platform for exchange and presentation. Its own festival. No sooner said than done: in September 2012 we realised with I LIKE BIRDS the first Joy of Graphic Design in Hamburg’s Oberhafen. The Joy of Graphic Design was a three day festival with a symposium, night workshops, an exhibition, the independent publishing fair ABOUT, concerts, DJ sets, parties, a tattoo studio, a poster workshop, cold drinks and waffles. We wanted this to put contemporary graphic design in Hamburg in the spotlight, to connect with Germany’s design scene and create space for inspiration and exchange. At its core were motivation, freedom and fresh impetus for the Hamburg graphic design scene. These topics were conveyed in terms of content and space at the symposium and the exhibition. The corporate design for the The Joy of Graphic Design was developed by I LIKE BIRDS. Parat supported us with the interior design of the exhibition and also took over the conceptual design and realisation of the temporary tattoo studio for the Happypets from Switzerland. Hamburg’s Oberhafen is adjacent to the Hafencity and the Kunstmeile (Deichtorhallen, Hamburger Kunstverein, Hamburger Kunsthalle). We chose this location, because there was a lot of space there to allow the new to grow.

Many thanks for the photos, Marcel Häusler, Sarah Bernhard & Simon Keckeisen!



self-initiated with Parat, We Are Fellows & M. Greiling

24 days, 24 hours: from 30th November to 24th December we held the Hypermarché in the Hafencity. The Hypermarché was a temporary department store, café, bar and platform for cultural events. And it was open 24 hours a day.

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The range consisted of selected products from fashion, lifestyle and interior. In the store there were changing events such as readings, concerts or a philosophical supper. The Hypermarché was open for 24 days around the clock. In order to accomplish this, we lived in the project for 24 days and were available there 24 hours a day. With this performance, our concept to combine life and work, became reality.

The particular goal of the Hypermarché was to stage a good place in Hamburg in the pre-Christmas period, which set itself apart from what else was on offer in December. With this project, we also strove to stage it in an untouched place to get the people of Hamburg to take stock of the Hafencity and gain a new perspective of this rapidly changing and growing district.

The Hypermarché was realised in cooperation with Parat for the concept planning and execution of the interior design, with We Are Fellows for corporate identity, communications design and web design, and with Moritz Greiling for installation and support of the performance. Sünje Lorenzen supported us with the programme design.

Many thanks for the photographs, Sarah Bernhard and Andreas Meichsner.


Chez Lenz

Chez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez LenzChez Lenz
self-initiated with Bureau Malte Metag

From the end of April until the end of June 2011 we realised Hamburg’s first Pop-Up restaurant for friends of the company: Chez Lenz.

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The fictional character Gottlob Lenz lent his name, was the host and platform for the entire accompanying communication, which was invented by Here We Go for the project: Gottlob – actually from Hamburg, but having been travelling the world for years – returned briefly to his home port and invited all his friends to Chez Lenz. In the basement of the Kontorhaus Brandshof a place was created, in which friends of the company celebrated spring time with two months of culinary delights, art, culture and conversation. The culinary part was taken care of by Team 221 from Berlin (the Eggert brothers). Each week they created a new menu (3 courses with 3 variations) using regional, seasonal ingredients. The corresponding advice on wines came from Lena Daetz and Alexandra Wrann.

The corporate design for Chez Lenz originated from Bureau Malte Metag.


Pop-Up Magazine Store

Pop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine StorePop-Up Magazine Store
self-initiated with Art Lawyer

Hamburg’s first place for international print culture has arrived: Das Magazin, a project from Art Lawyer. At the beginning in November
2010 we realised a Pop-Up magazine store.

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Das Magazin was founded by Art Lawyer Jens Brelle in Neustadt.  It is a room for international print culture, design and art, with regular events, lectures and gallery openings.  The first project was the Pop-Up Magazine Store in 2010. Throughout November there was a fine selection of independent magazines and zines from all around the world to buy.  The design for this originated from Lloyd & Associates, the idea and realisation for the store from us.  In the mean time Das Magazin has moved out of its rooms in Neustadt and gone to Oberhafen.




Here We Go is a holistic studio for event formats founded in 2010 by Louise and Florian Kunth in Hamburg. We develop, plan and realise events. We develop ideas, search for perfect locations, gather all service providers needed. We also host events in our own location ISLAND.

You can read more about our idea of work and life over at Freunde von Freunden.


We have an absolutely essential network of good people from the areas of graphic design, digital design, interior design and scenography, photography and gastronomy, whose knowledge we draw from for our projects.


We are always looking for collaborations, ideas, questions or projects. Write to us at


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